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product development & manufacturing

Our in-house handbag designers seasonally launch collections at par with international forecasts. You can choose from our collections or brief us to develop designs. Whether you provide us with a full design or share a simple thought, we will work with you to make designs that capture the essence of your brand.
We also collaborate with leather development technicians to craft innovative, and futuristic leather, so if innovation is your way to go, we’d love to partner with you
Our experts also help advise on the selection of materials to facilitate the manufacturing process. This has been made possible through our extensive experience of working with premium brands across the globe.
Most importantly, once the products go into production, there is quality control at every step.
To get in touch write to us on or call us.

Why Choose Us

Global Exposure
40 Years Legacy
Ethical Business Practices
Quality Assurance
Timely Delivery